Training Schedule 2017

Date Course Status
Monday, Feb. 13th through Friday, Feb. 17th KNX ETS5 Basic Course 17-KNX_B-01 Booked
Monday, Mar. 27th through Friday, Mar. 31st KNX ETS5 Basic Course 17-KNX_B-02 Booked
Monday, Apr. 3rd through Friday, Apr. 7th KNX+ ETS5 Advanced Course 17-KNX_A-01 Booked
Monday May 15th through Friday May 19th KNX ETS5 Basic Course 17-KNX_B-03 Booked
Monday Jun. 19th through Friday Jun. 23rd KNX ETS5 Basic Course 17-KNX_B-04 Booked
Monday Jun. 26th through Friday Jun. 30th KNX+ ETS5 Advanced Course 17-KNX_A-02 Booked
Monday, Sep. 4th through Friday, Sep. 8th KNX ETS5 Basic Course 17-KNX_B-05 Open
Monday, Dec. 11th through Friday, Dec. 15th KNX ETS5 Basic Course 17-KNX_B-06 Open
Monday, Dec. 18th through Frdiay, Dec. 22nd KNX+ ETS5 Advanced Course 17-KNX_A-03 Open

BATC Courses take place at BATC Offices located at 171, Street 11, Mkalles 2701 2327 / Lebanon
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Target Audience
Any technically qualified person experienced in home automation, mainly electrical engineers & software programmers, could attend the course, and get KNX Certified.